8.8.08, a perfect morning to set and create intention. My friend Toni and I took some time today for an early am walk to the labyrinth we built 3 years ago. The weather was perfect. Foggy, cool and overcast, just like the day we built it. You could almost feel the leaves beginning to understand that change was on the horizon.

The Two Snake Labyrinth was built in a beautiful nature preserve, by a dream group I am in called Dream Riders-without the permission of the town-we just did it. It was a risk, but when we confessed, I think the town managers understood, what we were trying to do. When we built it, not many people knew about the park yet. The town had only just purchased the land to preserve as open space. And now it has become a place of community where dogs and people romp freely. There is nothing formal about the labyrinth, people stumble upon it, when the time is right for them. The area around it continues to shape shift as people discover it, and it has taken on a rich organic community quality.

Several months ago, the cairns began to appear. Now each day an on-going community dialog takes place in the different shapes and forms that have risen up vertically from the labyrinth area. Before entering the labyrinth, I had added to one of the two cairns, which rise from a pile of loose rocks. The rock pile is also home to the namesake snakes that live below, in a nest of warmth and heat of the sun. 

I walked into the labyrinth with words of gratitude and a prayer to receive and be of service. As I wandered through the spirals or rock, laid upon the now matted grass, I heard a message that began yesterday after receiving an email from a fellow artist, who was so wonderful, loving and complimentary. She could have been competitive and all the old paradigms that came from that, but she reached out her hand in love, support, encouragement and generosity. What an incredible message she sent to me, helping me to release those old ways that I continue to struggle with. The truth is…all that stuff, is just my OWN fear, insecurity and self-doubt and it feels so wonderful to continue to release those old patterns and habits, that no longer serve me and actually work against me. As a result, this wonderful artist and I have discussed collaborating in the future and we have shared our mutual admiration of one another. Until she reached out, neither of us were aware that we had each been following one another’s career’s for several years. It was an amazing surprise! Thank you Chris, for the beautiful reminder of the spirit of cooperation.  Upon reaching the center of the labyrinth I heard, "Let go of competition, embrace collaboration." 

As I walked out, I chanted the mantra over and over until I reached the opening. As if to deliver the message fully, I was tested. The old me would have latched on to the feeling of rejection and pangs of hurt that resulted. The woman who continues to grow inside me had a new vision. One of a flowing river. When we kayak we can see the obstacles in our path, if we continue to look at them, we will actually find ourselves banging into them. If we shift our perspective and follow the natural current that flows around the obstacles, we continue to move freely down the river.

I feel today as if my life is flowing freely and in a very natural and organic way. I see this in the people who are showing up to flow with me on this journey and feel so eternally grateful for the community we are building…..thank you to each one of you who is here with me…Living Our Dreams!

Create your 8.8.08 intention: Take some time today to create and intention for the rest of your year. Where would you like to flow? Feel free to post your thoughts. We’d love to hear them!