Surges of energy swirl through my body, indicating that something is ready to release. Most days my life is filled with those dreaded lists and of other things in need of my attention. Still the simmering continues, it’s visceral.

The beauty of the style of intuitive painting I teach is that you can take to the newsprint, and within 20-30 minutes you have connected with your creative soul. It’s not about creating a masterpiece or even something that anyone else might see. It’s about creating a conscious connection to yourSELF. We are a culture of diembodied souls. We are invited to check out in so many ways. I’m as guilty of it as anyone, so it becomes even more important for us to tap into our true nature…our endless source.

I painted this during Open Studio on Wednesday evening in about 30 minutes. When I was finished i literally let out a sigh of relief. I could feel the tension releasing with each stroke of the brush. Ahhhhh….Soul Sessions fill my heart!

Will you take 20 minutes today to consciously connect to your SOURCE?