DreamTime Monday, July 6, 09

I worked yesterday in my Book of Dreams. This months intention is to Imagine the Possibilities. I am ready to imagine bigger, and bolder new possibilities. 

The two images leaped out at me as I sifted through my collections of magazines. The two images together, feel like a perfect union. The cool blue woman seemed so peacefull, and the image of the young woman being "dressed" for ritual or rite of passage, seemed deeply spiritual. The expression on her face, as the hand of the elder, touches her throat chakra, called to mind the trust and faith we must call in, as we step into our dreams. 

As I sat with the double page spread, this phrase kept coming into my mind, "We are all connected." In joining the Salon, each of you has helped me to know that age old concept and that re-ignites my belief that indeed, anything is possible! As I said in the book, my favorite movie is Field of Dreams. My mantra while writing and creating intention for this Salon was…"If you build it…" Of course I had no idea if in fact anyone would show up…but here you all are…and from all over the world! Now that is one big miracle to me!
I truly believe with Dream Spirit-aka support-we can dream and call in, whatever our hearts desire, but as we are learning…it isn't necessarily effortless or without it's trials. 

Earlier today, I posted a video on the Wounded Healer in the Creative Awakenings Salon. This video will help you begin to shift your consciousness about the idea of challenges and those bumps in the road. The trails and challenges are necessary so we can strengthen our psyche and move outward in the world in a new way, and for many of us, this often means being of service to others. 

If you didn't have time to EnVision yesterday. Set your intention to set aside one hour this week to create your Art of Intention. When it's complete, post your piece and thoughts here… 

Hugs for the journey…