Living Life Through the Eyes of a Child

© 2012 All rights reserved.   Every Thursday morning, the studio becomes a magic kingdomfor little hearts and minds and their families.    This week I arrived at the […]

Puppy Love

Clients continually tell me they have no time to create…
Hmmm…perhaps it’s as simple as a change of definition.

Healing with Horses…

Horses are my healers. Since the time I first sat on a horse at age 3, I've had a deep spiritual connection with these amazing creatures. I haven't ridden in […]

30 – Day Bliss holiDAZE Challenge

    EVERYDAY BLISS-The Bliss-30 holiDAZE Challenge Would you like to introduce a little personal BLISS into the bustle of the holiday season? Do you find yourself thinking of everyone […]

Walk in Bliss

As we move closer to the true season, I think we can all feel the pace picking up a bit. I leave on Saturday to visit my family in Florida […]

A Week of bliss-FULL Moments

Thank you to my guest bloggers. You're writings were inspiring and well received. What a treat for all of us.  Here's a view of my bliss-FULL moments…9-12.  BIG SNOW BLISS! […]

Guest Author: Carmen Torbus

 My fingers are covered in paint as I type this.  Paint on my fingers always makes me smile.  You would laugh if you knew how many times I've gotten to […]

Bliss 9-Guest Post: Katrina E. Kniep

  I am new to meditation. To be completely honest I've meditated all of three times in my life. However, meditation is something that's been at the bottom of my […]

Bliss 8-BIG SNOW

We woke this morning to over a foot of fresh powder! The Delegates were correct in leaving early, and we are holding the intention in our hearts that they can […]