December Bliss Challenge: Bliss-3

Today I am going to Bliss by joining Magpie Girl's 8 things Thursday's game.   Here is an excerpt from her blog: Here’s my *8Things for a Peaceful Holiday  list for this year.  […]

December Bliss Challenge: Bliss-2

Oh…today did not start off very blissful. I broke a molar yesterday so it was a challenging morning getting patched up. I am dentist phobic, but love my dentist. I […]

December Bliss Challenge: Bliss-1

Thank you to each and everyone of you who are joining me in this BlissFULL challenge. I love the commitment we are making to ourselves! Today's Bliss….Come From Love…. How […]

December 30-day Bliss Challenge

Yes, you’re right, I’ve run this card before, but I am already hearing from clients how stressed they are feeling with the seasons events. So, with the holi-DAZE upon us, […]

Today’s Awakening

This is my Everyday Bliss for the day. I am so grateful for this life… Enjoy…stay tuned for Part Two of "Learning to See."