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Creative Awakenings Guided Imagery Audio

Creative Awakenings author Sheri Gaynor takes you through a relaxing guided visualization to support you in your EnVision DreamTime experience. Track one gets you ready for your adventure so you can gather the gear you will need when you complete the guided imagery. Track two takes you on a relaxing guided journey, to uncover discover your art of intention, so you can work effortlessly to create your art of intention in your Book of Dreams.


The CD was produced by musician Barry Chapman and features his soothing composition flowing throughout your guided visualization. The CD has been produced with your monthly DreamTime in mind. Each time you use the guided imagery, you will uncover a new intention, so you can listen to the download anytime you are working with your Book of Dreams.


The first review is in. Posted by Anita from the Creative Awakenings Discussion Salon!

"Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that I purchased the guided imagery cd of Sheri's and it's wonderful! I give it ***** (that's five stars!)…I listened to it yesterday, and I have to say that it's very professionally done…very soothing…Sheri has done a wonderful job with it! Actually, I'm very pleased that it will serve double duty for me…I've recently started physical and traction therapy because I've had a chronic headache for over 4 1/2 yrs straight…one of the things I have to learn how to do is relax my muscles…difficult to do when you're in pain because you tend to tense up, and in my case, the worse the headache, the more slumped, scrunched, and rolled forward my upper back, neck, and shoulders became…making the headache worse as well as other pains…viscious circle…anyway, the CD is so relaxing and Sheri starts off the guided imagery with a relaxation exercise, that it actually helped me to feel better as well! Bonus! I highly recommend this tool! Hugs! Anita"

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your download, write us and let us know why. We will happily refund your money. Please address your letter to meredith@mereditheisenberg.com. Subject: Imagery Refund

Sheri Gaynor is a Certified Imagery Guide through the Academy of Guided Imagery and has over 10 years working with clients in guided imagery and meditation. Visit her site to read her full bio. (www.sherigaynor.com). You can reach musician Barry Chapman at cheetahchap@hotmail.com.

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