We had a beautiful weekend filled with music, dance, connection and COMMUNITY. Community and connection are showing up everywhere, and I am constantly reminded of the blessings a circle of support brings. The Salon continues to grow and women from all over the world are connecting and sharing their lives. Yesterday I met with a woman who was asking about the book and how things were going. It's interesting to think back to 3 years ago when all this began and see the manifestation REAL TIME! 

The word for the week here in the studio appears to be TRUST. Each of us is walking through this big, wild, world one baby step at a time and most of us are flying on faith. Tomorrow I interview Amanda Boxtel for the July podcast. Amanda's story is one of bold faced determination and POWERFUL FAITH. She happens to be one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Her positive attitude and KNOWING will have you looking over the edge saying, "WHY NOT!"