Hey Feisty FemalesTM...we need your help! We are in the process of designing our new logo and we have a few for you to choose from. We really need your opinions as we feel to close to the brand at this point. Each person who leaves a comment and an email address will have their name put in a hat and be eligible for a complimentary slot in the on-line pilot program of my book Creative Awakening: EnVisioning the life of your dreams through art! We are writing up the details for the pilot program as we speak and the workshops and teleclasses will begin in September!

We can’t wait to hear from you and thanks so much for your time!

CFO…Chief Feisty Officer

Deadline and comment entry: We will choose two people on August 4th, so please pass the word and encourage your Feisty friends to vote.  (Remember…You must leave an email address so we can contact you.)

Please vote on your tag choice:

  1. creating random acts of courage daily
  2. stepping boldly in the direction of our dreams
  3. empowering women to live their life’s dreams

Please vote on your design choice by indicating the design number and telling us why you like it.

Design One


Design Two

Design Three

18 Responses

  1. I think I like #1 the best because it is fun and funky and has a homemade look. I like #2 second best.
    But, they are all good 🙂

  2. I like logo two, it draws me in more than the other two.
    I like this tag line number
    3. empowering women to live their life’s dreams
    It’s more defining for what you are doing I think. It just makes it much more clear what you are doing.
    Best of luck with your new logo and tag line!
    You go girls!

  3. Hi Feisty women! Thank you so much for your comments. This is going to be a challenge as I love all the designs. Hmmmm…maybe we just make a few different ones and people can choose accordingly, but we at least need to have the brand, so your feedback is invaluable.
    I appreciate your taking the time to comment, stay tuned, we will make the announcement soon.
    CFO: Chief Feisty Officer

  4. I like Design logo #1…I’m attached to it…it’s feminine and feisty, which I think is a dynamic combination! If you choose logo 2 or 3…I’d go with 2–as it is more bold.
    Tag line: I go for #2…it’s a “boot”, you’re STEPPING…I like this because it means that we are always MOVING and changing in the direction of our dreams. It’s not a one time deal, but an evolution and progression to greatness. Female Power!

  5. Hi Sheri!
    I LOVE tagline #1 – creating random acts of courage daily – This appeals to me as a truly inspirational quote, and on a personal level I believe it serves as a reminder to us as women to “step out of our box”.
    I also LOVE the #3 boot … great colors, and very eye-catching.
    Thanks for allowing us to share in the creation of your new logo =) I’m sure it will be awesome!
    Hugs, Peggi

  6. Hi Sheri,
    My vote is for the #1 design and the #2 Tagline” Stepping boldly in the direction of our dreams”.
    I like the #1 design because the black accents ( the black heel, the black lines in the boot itself, the black curlicues and the letters in black) make the design more dramatic and give it a punch that give it a “feistier” energy. The other two desings, while quite beautiful, are a little softer and less “feisty”.
    I like the “stepping boldly” in tagline two because of how well it works with the boot graphic, but also because the necessity of boldness is something that I think women need to be constantly reminded of!
    I actually loved the reference to “courage” in tagline #1 but the word “random” really threw me off. Random speaks to me of a lack of intention and empowerment, and intention and empowerment are two qualities that I really associate with your work.
    I was actually torn between #2 and #3 because I also love the reference to “empowering women”. I know that you are dealing with space issues in terms of the design itself and that you don’t want things to get too wordy, but what I really like is something along the lines of “Empowering women to step boldly in the direction of our dreams” or “Courageous women stepping boldly in the direction of our dreams.”
    Sorry to confuse the issue, but these are some of my thoughts . And truthfully, all the designs and taglines are great and any one of them would work just fine.
    Good luck and keep up the good work.
    I just LOVE what you do!!!!
    Chris Zydel

  7. i LOVE the first one.. its beautiful and sexy, and just really cool art. I like the font too. I think it would def. get anyones attention and make them curious.

  8. WOW! Thanks everyone for the amazing comments. This is really wonderful and so helpful. It’s great to hear what women REALLY want.
    I am also grateful to all of you who have written to let me know how much you appreciate the work. What an unexpected gift. We all need to hear that don’t we? And just so you know, I have been busy checking out all of your sites as each of you post to mine.
    Thank you dear Feisty Sisters! My wings are soaring….
    Hugs for the week…more soon!

  9. Ever the pragmatist, here are some things it might be helpful to think about… Have you tried making any of these logos strictly black and white / no grayscale or gradations? a logo that can stand up well in that simple form is a good one. though you may never use the black and white version, it’s a useful test. AND will be easier to use in lots of different applications (i’ve learned this the hard way).
    I also think the simpler version of the font (which i think i used today!) has a subtlety i like. The more westerny version is very overt and has sort of a pointed meaning. COWBOY!
    I think the second and third logo options have better flat-out “logo mark” potential. i like the first one as a design element (for some reason i’m remembering the little watercolor bits that used to highlight the LL Bean catalogue pages) but not so much as a logo.
    second tag line i think best fits with the boot / butterfly theme. it has a feeling of “lifting up” and “giving wings” without actually using the word “empowering” (which for some reason is too new-agy for me).
    and mostly i like that tag line number two implies that ALL of us are stepping forward, even those who seem to be leading the feisty pack. nice feeling of community and shared efforts.
    it’s looking good!!

  10. I really looove #1! It has a western flavor and reminds me of the pioneer days. Every woman is a pioneer in her own rite!!! Keep on rocking and inspiring future and current goddesses!

  11. I love design #1. It’s got that whole leather and lace thing going. I would be careful w/ the words though…i think “Random acts…”might be over used; while Fiesty females says it all! xxxooo Good luck

  12. Sheri: I like #1 best. The others are just too demure to say “feisty.” Tagline: #2. But have you thought about a tagline that included (again playing off of the boot thing) the word “kicking.” ???
    I’m not such a feisty female, but if I were, I think I’d like “Kicking butt all the way through life” Or even “kicking ass”. Not really a word I would use, but it’s really feisty and gets right to the point.
    I guess you need to decide: How feisty do you want to be? Really.

  13. Hi Sheri,
    I like design one – elements of your original boot(s) with a new twist, and I like tag line #2 because the “stepping” just works so well with the boot, as well as the mention of dreams!!!

  14. Hi Feisty Females!
    What a fabulous response to this post. Thank you SOOOO much. We will be pulling names out of the hat at 5pm tonight and announcing our two winners tomorrow morning.
    If you have some friends who want to cast their votes, this is the last day to invite them!
    I appreciate your support and feedback. You rock!
    Hugs and Feistyness….
    CFO-Chief Feisty Officer