My fingers are covered in paint as I type this.  Paint on my fingers always makes me smile.  You would laugh if you knew how many times I've gotten to work, the grocery store or the post office only to realize I have turquoise paint on my knuckles, a smudge of gel medium on my forearm or a piece of scrap paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  Although each of these situations have caused fleeting bouts of embarrassment, they always bring a smile to my face and overwhelming, instant bliss. 

This time of year especially, I find myself rushing everywhere I go and I sometimes forget to pause for the most important things in my life. Finding those colorful bits of my creative life following me around, smacking me right in the forehead (or smeared across it anyway) remind me to follow them right back… to make time to follow my bliss.  

Make time for paint covered fingers, doodled journal pages or sketches.

Make time for story time with the kids, or cuddling up with a favorite book.

Make time for intimate moments with loved ones.

Make time for snuggles and games and utter silliness.

Make time for deep conversation, quiet moments and laughter.

Make time for appreciation and thankfulness.

Choose bliss.  

What ever your bliss is…

Find it.

Shine your light on it.   

Follow it. 

Soak it in.

Share it.

Delight in it.

Savor it. 

Devour it. 

Then do it again.

Blissed out again and again,

Carmen Torbus
Bliss follower, big dreamer, mess maker and lover of the words, "I'm so inspired right now!"

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3 Responses

  1. such a lovely post. i really need to remember to take time to create and enjoy the little things in life _daily_. thank you for sharing and for the inspiration