© Title: "It’s Time"

We are in a real Colorado winter here. I have spent so much time shoveling snow so clients can get down to the studio, I am developing some beautiful feisty biceps. By spring, I should look like Arnold Schwarzenegger!

I am wearing a lot of hats these days, coach, writer, artist. Last week I kind of hit the wall in the 9th month of the book, and had to just walk away from it all for a couple of days. This is always a scary proposition for writers, especially when the deadline for manuscript delivery is looming in the not- too-far-off-distance. What I am feeling is a desire to share with the world all the work I have been doing for the last year and I still have to wait! I know that was at the root of it all. I am a Capricorn, patience is not my strong suit.

So, I took a walk up to my favorite spot and wrote the note you see in the photo above in the snow. I actually left lots of little notes in the snow for passers by that day. It was a beautiful sunny day and I brought my camera along for the ride. I got a much needed shot in the arm and an article idea for February’s newsletter in the process.

In giving myself permission to breathe for a few days and do some non-specific creative play, I was able to free myself up again. In the end I was quite a productive week and the break led to an article I am going to submit and two new pieces for the book!

Sometimes it is important to honor that we are tired, forcing the issue is only going to frustrate us and get the critics and gremlins working over time. So the next time your feeling like your focus has shifted, acknowledge the feeling and give yourself some play time.

Contribute: How do you take care of yourself, when a deadline is looming and you are not able to stay focused?

Late Breaking News: Claudine Hellmuth made the
most adorable video for Bernie and the contest for A Place to Bark. If you have not had time to donate, it is a dead heat right now.
Please, help the 4-legged critters. I am ready to jump in my car and
pick up a dozen of those bundles of love!!!

2 Responses

  1. Good post! Thanks for submitting it to the Romance Writers Carnival. I write messages in the sand when we go to the beach, and let the waves wash them away. That’s my way of sending messages to the universe. Hadn’t thought of snow messages *g

  2. Thanks Kacey! I too write messages in the sand. I created a tribute to a friend who lost his life in the Trade Towers, on the first year anniversary of 9-11. It was healing to watch the waves wash over the message over the course of the day. You can see a photo and post about this on my site at under classes and events. It is at the bottom of the page under The Art of Ritual and ceremony, if your interested.
    Your blog is great BTW and thanks for posting here!