© 2011 Sheri Gaynor, The Black Madonna with Horse

The Dark Feminine…It is said she comes to those who travel between worlds and dimesions. She often arrives in support of ritual, initiation, and transformations, helping us to embody and see within the "other" world. She often comes to bring light to that which is out of balance, to transform outdated paradigms and to bring forth widsom. 

As I sift through the terrain of grief, I am learning to accept what IS. I am learning to truly BE…in an entirely new way. I am learning that most of what I thought defined me is an illusion and I am casting off old beliefs. Very often what IS, is the need for surrender, for silence, the need for empty space, the need for walks in nature with my dog and my horse.

I felt her stirring in my unconscious this morning…I paced the studio for awhile-getting ready-awaiting her incarnation…SHE came to me today…