This week’s Photo Friday theme was Found Objects. This piece is part of a series I created in Floris Lake, Oregon called Objects Lost and Found. Each morning at sunrise, I would walk the beach and photograph objects and sea detritus that were washed in with the tide.

The sunrise walk was a contemplative experience and the simplicity of the photographs represents those moments. All the objects and resulting photographic images-including this one-were untouched by my hand, I simply chose and angle and shot the frame. Much like shooting full frame in the "old days."  Who was I to mess with the hand of the Goddess….   

3 Responses

  1. Hello Sheri! I absolutely love this image – found objects from Mother Nature are true treasures =) I am so glad to have found your blog – it is inspiring, and I know I’ll become a regular visitor here. Best wishes! Peggi

  2. Peggi,
    Thanks for stopping by, I am so happy you will be a regular, I am going to visit your blog too! I am going to post you under inspiration.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Thank you so much Sheri, that’s a true honor =)
    I have added a link to you on my blog, as I would love to spread the word about you and your work. It is such an amazing feeling to be “surfin’ the net” and come across a site like yours that is truly uplifting & inspirational.
    Hope you have a Happy Easter! ~Peggi