Dried Flower

Happy New Year!!

It's a that time of year…we look back, we look forward…we dream of what's to come. Reflections are part of life's journey and this year it feels especially important for me to look back at the path I've walked and reflect on the adventure ahead. Why? In 6 days, I will be turning 50. 

You my dear readers are first in my thoughts, as I would not be here without you. You have shared your hearts, souls and dreams with me, and I've been so blessed to be witness to the transformations that have occurred; marriages, pregnancies, career changes, and life transformations. 

For those of you who have supported Creative Awakenings, sent LUV letters and joined the Salon….THANK YOU! When you're writing a book, you are in a vacuum, it's you and your mind everyday. At different points in the process, most writers confront the eternal question, "will anybody want to read this?" And each time the question surfaces, you have to tell yourself, "It doesn't matter, write the book because you HAVE to…write the book for YOU!" And then you came, one by one, from all over the world and shared your hearts and dreams with me. To this day it feels like a miracle! Each time someone joins and says hello, I'm like a kid in the candy store, it's like the first day the book was released. I am so deeply touched!

I took some time today to review my Book of Dreams. As I turned the well worn pages, I saw a year of my life in review, created on the pages of my Art of Intention. And what I saw was truly validating, as many of the intentions have manifested, including re-opening a studio and finding partners to share in the experience. It truly was my Guidebook, showing me the trail ahead leading to this moment. And that's why I invite you to create your own Book of Dreams for 2010, so January 1, 2011, you too can look back at the pages of your life and see just how far you've really come. 

Join us in the Salon, we are going to step into 2010 together. An announcement is forthcoming…

In the meantime, here's something you might enjoy creating to Sow Your Seeds of Intention: 
Gather seeds from your garden or from a store package
Dry a tea bag and gently slit open one side
Insert dried seeds, beads, baubles and your 2010 intention(s)
Sew up the open side with ribbon or string
Place on your altar until planting season and plant your seeds of intention and bury your intention
As you watch your seeds bloom and flourish, they will be a reminder of your hearts desire…

May the New Year bring all your dreams to fruition….

Hugs and purple boots,



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