Turnout Creative

I have had the pleasure of getting to know psychotherapist Courtenay Blackwell Gueta, owner of Turnout Creative and Turnout Counseling. We are kindred spirits, MSW’s who contest the nomenclature therapist.  Courtney calls herself a, “change agent,” and I have to say, I like that a lot! I was honored when she wrote to me to […]

Today’s Awakening: Got wings?

Photo credit: http://contentinacottage.blogspot.com/2009_09_13_archive.html   “To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awakeis to be continually thrown out of the nest.” ― Pema Chödrön   Today's Awakening got me thinking about the muscle and courage it takes to be FULLY alive, FULLY human and COMPLETELY awake.  For me to stay alive, human and awake is like […]

Embracing MY Heartsong and Shining MY Light

  It has been a long journey through the darkness of grief and into light of Spring. Like Persephone, I can feel myself rising from these last 11 months of processing my mother’s loss, stronger, awake, more alive and sure of my path than ever before. I have traveled many miles this past year and although […]

Dreaming Awake….

  My friend Robyn Hubbard has been teaching a Dream class in the studio. During each 4 week session, I join the last week and share how I use the creative process to find deeper meaning in my dreams.   Finding symbolism through writing is powerful, finding metaphor through image, moves us beyond the linear […]

Speaking Your Truth…

    I found this today on PINTEREST It really hit home for me.   Why is it challenging to speak our truth?  Shall we count the ways? I won't be liked… I'll hurt somone's feeling… Someone will leave… They'll think I'm a BITCH.…   Any of those sound familiar? Well they do to me.  […]

Living Life Through the Eyes of a Child

© 2012 www.sherigaynor.com. All rights reserved.   Every Thursday morning, the studio becomes a magic kingdomfor little hearts and minds and their families.    This week I arrived at the end of Music Together with Annie Flynn and a mother greeted mewith “The kids were just WILD today, someone said it was the Solar Flares!” […]

Puppy Love

Clients continually tell me they have no time to create…
Hmmm…perhaps it’s as simple as a change of definition.