A Week of bliss-FULL Moments

Thank you to my guest bloggers. You're writings were inspiring and well received. What a treat for all of us.  Here's a view of my bliss-FULL moments…9-12.  BIG SNOW BLISS!   Blue Bliss     Sancho Bliss Jerry the Snowpiller Bliss Birth Class Bliss   Belly Bliss and Birth Symbol's I can't remember when I have […]

Bliss 9-Guest Post: Katrina E. Kniep

  I am new to meditation. To be completely honest I've meditated all of three times in my life. However, meditation is something that's been at the bottom of my to-do list for way too long. So, I've decided to add it to my Bliss List this year.  Yesterday I went out onto our screened […]

December 30-day Bliss Challenge

Yes, you’re right, I’ve run this card before, but I am already hearing from clients how stressed they are feeling with the seasons events. So, with the holi-DAZE upon us, I am inviting you to dive into the 30-day Bliss Challenge. No, this is not intended to be one more TO-DO. It’s intention is to […]


  I thought I would introduce our June One Book adventure by taking you on trail that Blue and I take each morning. This has become an EveryDay Bliss ritual for Blue and I, in addition to other Everyday Bliss experiences. It is truly my walking meditation. I find it calms my mind to begin […]

Everyday Bliss-30 Challenge

  EVERYDAY BLISS-The Bliss-30 Challenge Our first Feisty Females Creative Awakenings Camp was an huge success! So based on our experiences during our retreat, I have decided to post the Bliss-30 challenge. What’s the Bliss-30 Challenge? Every day for the next 30 days, you are to engage in some form of Everyday Bliss. What’s that? […]

Mo’ Bliss

It's been an interesting weekend. Some personal transformation is stirring in my pot and although it's BIG STUFF, my Everyday Bliss practice has kept me grounded and attuned to the beauty around me. The weather has been dreary, bringing much needed cool air, rain and low clouds. It feels mor like fall instead of spring.  […]


I walk by this tree everyday and NEVER…NEVER noticed this before. Can you see the BLISS? Look closely….