Shifting Tides

Earth rumbling beneath my feet,  shifting tides reveal tiny grains of sand 


8.8.08, a perfect morning to set and create intention. My friend Toni and I took some time today for an early am walk to the labyrinth we built 3 years […]

Speaking our Truth

I just came off a 3-day vision retreat for an organization. The gathering was to support a vision for a healing center that has been incubating for about 5 years. […]

Second Chances

Last week was bonding time for Sir Blue and his new family. I am feeling it for sure! Wow, if I wasn’t in shape before, I will certainly be now […]

Today’s Rant!

I am fed up with credit card offers are you?  Really, I mean it just completely over the top, red in the face, fed up!!! After receiving 5 more the […]

Photo Friday: Found Objects

This week’s Photo Friday theme was Found Objects. This piece is part of a series I created in Floris Lake, Oregon called Objects Lost and Found. Each morning at sunrise, […]

I am a Diva!

Oooh…I am proud to announce that Feisty Females® has joined the DIVA’s! I am officially A DIVA! My brother could have told you that years ago, as his nickname for […]

Managing Success

Photo of me circa 1964, feeling feisty and ready to step into my dreams! I received two very exciting emails from clients today. Both have been taking small but very […]

While I was sleeping…

And healing from the crud- which has taken most of my energy this week-I was chosen for the Second Edition of’s Romance Writers Blog Carnival!!! I didn’t even know […]