Shifting Tides

Earth rumbling beneath my feet,  shifting tides reveal tiny grains of sand 

Today’s Telegathering with Mary Beth Shaw is on!

Are you looking for something to do on a chilly winter's afternoon? Well…check this out! Reserve your space now for a stream and dream Q & A, today, Monday, January 12th. For a special New Years kick off! Feisty Females Radio Is Back and Better Than Ever! I will be hosting the first of the […]


8.8.08, a perfect morning to set and create intention. My friend Toni and I took some time today for an early am walk to the labyrinth we built 3 years ago. The weather was perfect. Foggy, cool and overcast, just like the day we built it. You could almost feel the leaves beginning to understand […]

Speaking our Truth

I just came off a 3-day vision retreat for an organization. The gathering was to support a vision for a healing center that has been incubating for about 5 years. It was also a personally transformative experience and one I was not really expecting to have-which are usually the most important and significant. Somewhat like […]

Second Chances

Last week was bonding time for Sir Blue and his new family. I am feeling it for sure! Wow, if I wasn’t in shape before, I will certainly be now and I have had to up my caloric intake to keep up with his energy! As Blue and I spent the week bonding, he gave […]

Today’s Rant!

I am fed up with credit card offers are you?  Really, I mean it just completely over the top, red in the face, fed up!!! After receiving 5 more the other day, I hit the wall and was so disgusted I went to my computer and took action. Let me count the ways I am […]

Photo Friday: Found Objects

This week’s Photo Friday theme was Found Objects. This piece is part of a series I created in Floris Lake, Oregon called Objects Lost and Found. Each morning at sunrise, I would walk the beach and photograph objects and sea detritus that were washed in with the tide. The sunrise walk was a contemplative experience […]

I am a Diva!

Oooh…I am proud to announce that Feisty Females® has joined the DIVA’s! I am officially A DIVA! My brother could have told you that years ago, as his nickname for me is Mariahsheri, but I thought it was time to make the official announcement. "Entrepreneur, Trendsetter and Do-er" and Chief Diva, Suzi Finer has created […]

Managing Success

Photo of me circa 1964, feeling feisty and ready to step into my dreams! I received two very exciting emails from clients today. Both have been taking small but very FEISTY steps toward their dreams and now they are in the throngs of success. Next step? Juggling the balls!! With success comes management. Not always […]

While I was sleeping…

And healing from the crud- which has taken most of my energy this week-I was chosen for the Second Edition of’s Romance Writers Blog Carnival!!! I didn’t even know until today, so I feel a bit embarrassed, as I have not properly thanked the editors at dandelion. So here is a BIG FEISTY FEMALE […]