Enjoying Life

It’s been a whirlwind opening to the summer season. The book and revisions are complete. YEAH!!!! Our new pup Blue is hopefully on his way to healing after some scary […]

Life Happens Over Coffee

Words, words, words. This is where I was all last week. My feisty guy came home yesterday and found me on the living room floor with scissors, computer and THE WORDS. […]

Photo Friday-Emotions

I am on a Photo Friday roll.  It’s keeping me on my toes as I continue to get ready to leave for the publisher. The countdown begins, I leave April […]

Photo Friday: Found Objects

This week’s Photo Friday theme was Found Objects. This piece is part of a series I created in Floris Lake, Oregon called Objects Lost and Found. Each morning at sunrise, […]

I am a Diva!

Oooh…I am proud to announce that Feisty Females® has joined the DIVA’s! I am officially A DIVA! My brother could have told you that years ago, as his nickname for […]

Managing Success

Photo of me circa 1964, feeling feisty and ready to step into my dreams! I received two very exciting emails from clients today. Both have been taking small but very […]

3rd Trimester’s the toughest

Okay, so I admit I am not a mom and I have never been pregnant, but here’s what my Feisty girlfriends tell me, and I don’t think it’s heresay…the 3rd […]

Mountains of snow!

©2008www.sherigaynor.com Title: "It’s Time" We are in a real Colorado winter here. I have spent so much time shoveling snow so clients can get down to the studio, I am […]

Hot Flash: What number are you?

© 2008 Sheri Gaynor Visual Journal piece: Metamorphosis Metamorphosis + True confessions: I found this quiz over at   BaLadiNe’s blog. I have to say it is a bit eerie […]

Remember to give thanks

Writing a book has to be one of the most exciting and challenging things I have done to date. Just when things are smooth sailing, something kicks up to throw […]