The Girls:  SWIRL writers-eaters Sunday brunch at Dava's Farmhouse in Paonia

Sunday I took a Gypsy Spirit Day with my  SWIRL sisters for a Sunday brunch at Dava's Farmhouse Inn in Paonia. I am the "baby," of the group and was blessed to be invited in after these women had been together for 12 years. Knowing the women prior to being asked to join, I had always had a deep sense of envy witnessing their connection and the bond they shared with one another through the years. I have been a member now for a few years and it has been one of life's greatest gifts. 

One of my desires in writing Creative Awakenings was to support women in creating a community where they can share their dreams, hold one another's intentions and if need be have a place that is sacred to share their deepest secrets. 

Why is this important? Because we need people in our life who will accept us UNCONDITIONALLY! Who will love us through all of life's roller coasters. Women who will tell us like it is, who can hold us when we fall and comfort us in the darkness. On page 132 in Creative Awakenings , I describe how to form your own dream circle.  It's time…what are you waiting for?