IMG_5365Photo: © 2009 Sheri Gaynor

Home again after a luscious personal retreat with the wild-hearted and deliciously FEISTY Chris Zydel. With 850 miles under my Gypsy Spirit belt and a week in the New Mexican landscape, I have had some powerful awakenings. Even a nasty cold, can't keep me from feeling the bliss of the past week. Finally meeting Chris in person cemented our belief that we are indeed soul sisters. I had a full week to paint, hike, and fully let go and BE. I surrendered my cell phone and computer for an entire week and you know what, it was actually EASY! 

I was reminded of simpler times, a road less traveled now. Sans computers, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I am grateful I am part of a generation that actually lived without all his "plugged-in" behavior. It's interesting. I love the connection these things have brought to us, and the fact that it's expanded ability to reach one another in a truly global way, but as an artist who craves silence, nature and introspection, it is also a double edged sword. Once we got there I found out there were places I could go to plug in, but choose to give myself a full week off. It was important, yet felt completely decadent. I am so grateful to Randall for holding down the fort while I was gone. There was SO much silence I could actually hear what was going on inside. I could hear my own rhythm, my own voice, my own creative heartbeat. 

I went to the retreat with no expectations except to meet Chris, paint and surrender. That is exactly what happened and as a result there were some powerful personal awakenings. To paint everyday for a full week was incredible. Meeting other women on the path was-as always-like finding long lost sisters. Each day, there was nothing to do but walk down to the studio, pick up a brush and see what showed up! WOW!!!! PURE HEAVEN!!!! 

As a result, my painting unfolded and a story was revealed. It is the largest painting I have done to date and mostly because I finally had room to go BIG! Below is a small section.  I will try and photograph the entire piece to show you…but it will be a challenge.

Chris Zydel and I are scheduled to teach a class October 23-25 at her yummy studio in Oakland, CA, Finding Your Inner Frida.  This promises to be quite the event and registration closes Sept 30th!  If you are looking to hear your own creative heartbeat, replenish your well, meet some phenomenal women and give yourself the gift of a few days of creative bliss, give us a shout, we would LOVE to have you join us. 


Early morning hike with Helen, Meredith and June (not pictured). Can you see the bliss bubbles??? June thank you again for sharing all your sacred spots! And to all the wonderful women I met, THANK YOU for holding my heart within yours, you helped to make the week PERFECT!

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  1. Sheri
    Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time.
    Heaven on Earth
    Love the road less traveled.
    its calling !
    So glad you got some time away to recharge!
    Your painting is gorgeous.
    Love to youxxooo