Night Bird. © 2010 Sheri Gaynor. Wood, Acrylic, Oil Pastel

Thanks to all who have wandered through our doors! It's been wonderful making new friends in our new location…above ground! 

Our doors are always open-unless I'm with a private client or group, so we've had many spontaneous gatherings at the round table with all ages learning from one another. Mentorship is exactly what The Spark is about,,,and that concept goes both ways! As adults we forget how much we can learn from those younger than us, especially in the realm of creativity.  I've learned to let go of my ego watching Gerry Michel and his band of AWESOME young artist's, draw at a high school level!! 

Our Awakening the Painter Within circle began last Monday and I have to say, these women are fierce. Witnessing their willingness to dive into the process and the void…and BE with what unfolds is simply…STUNNING! 

Wander in…have a seat…pick up a brush, pen or pencil…maybe even some clay. Stay awhile…and relax in the warm nurturing environment, using your imagination and meeting new friends….

Here are a few scenes from The Spark!
Frankie and April dropped in to do some visual journaling during Open Studio

Tasha and mom Patti created "Magic Wands," for Grandpa's birthday during Open Studio

Muse Whisperers Rochelle Norwood and baby Ruby help students create clay mobiles using a solar over during Rochelle's Mom's Creativity Circles. 
Tel: 970-618-0561

Awakening the Painter Within Sold Out! Contact me about the upcoming Fall Class
Time: 6 – 9 p
Fee: $120.00 (4 week session)


Deepen your Intuitive Painting experience with this small, intimate, facilitated group. Each week, we will begin with a guided meditation and create an intention to Awaken The Painter Within. The group will be kept to 6 participants to allow time for facilitation and group sharing. Prerequisite is at least one attendance in a Soul Session Sunday. Please email Kate Dietz our studio manager or call 


to register. 

Punch Pass Summer Series Classes this week: 


Express Yourself: Summer of Imagination
Muse Whisperer: Gerry Michel
Monday, July 19
Drop in: 10 a – noon

Class Fee: $12 per class or $10 per class with punch pass

Spill it Sister! 101 – The Art of Visual Journaling for Teen Girls
Muse Whisperer: Sheri Gaynor, Author of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art


6-Week Punch Pass Class
Monday, July 19
Drop In: 1 p  - 3 p 
Class Fee$12 per session or $10 with the Summer Punch Pass

Ages: 8-17 Have you wanted to find a way that no one could read your "secret" thoughts and ideas? Join us for the weekly Spill It Sister – Open Studio Gatherings. Bring your journal, personal photos, and favorite papers and gather with other sisters who are spilling their hopes and dreams to the page. For more information or to register, call 970-618-0561 or email 

T H U R S D A Y 

Express Yourself: Summer of Imagination
Muse Whisperer: Gerry Michel
Thursday, July 22
Drop in: 10 a – noon

Class Fee: $12 per class or $10 per class with punch pass

F R I D A Y 

heART Yoga: Hatha Yoga and Creative Expression
Muse Whisperers: Janne Nikolajsen and Sheri Gaynor 
Meditation Leaves 
On-Going Friday, July 23
Drop In: 8 a – 9:30 a
Class Fee: $12 per class or $10 per class with punch pass
Ages: 15 – Adult 

Open Studio Fridays
Every Friday – Excluding First Fridays
Friday, July 23, 2010
Drop In: 1 p – 3 p
Class Fee: $12 per class or $10 per class with punch pass
All ages welcome: Experience THE SPARK! Take a break from your work week and start your weekend with a boost of creative inspiration. Open studio is pure experiential time. The studio will be open to all ages for wild hearted creative expression. Bring a project you are working on, or come meet other like-minded individuals. There will be lots of materials to choose from or bring your own.