listen my love,
illumination is eternal.
now is always evolving.
as there are billions of stars,
there are billions of steps.
as there are billions of souls,
there are billions of ways to grow.

Photo credit: © 2012 Sheri Gaynor, Morning Mist

Growth…yes, there are billions of ways to grow, states the poet Rumi. I am entering my 3 year of what feels like exponential growth.There are days when I feel as if my heart can’t expand into the Mystery of the Unknown and so I wait, breathe and allow for Spirit to lead the way.

A few weeks ago, my life felt as if a tornado swept through, leaving everything upended and uncertain, as shown below, in the image I painted. It was to be an underpainting…a rough sketch. As I left my studio, I placed a large piece of cardboard in front to allow it to dry. When I went back to work on it, the painting was stuck to the cardboard. I gently pulled the piece away from the cardboard and a teardrop was left directly under the eye. If my studio mate hadn’t been there with me, I would have wondered if I had lost it. I said, “I was going to work on this today and finish it.” He said, “It looks like it finished itself.”  This image was taken prior to the teardrop.

From that point of release new doors have opened. Soon I will share with you, where my gypsy spirit will be traveling next….Yes fellow travelers…Life IS a journey…not the destination. If we can trust that knowledge and breathe into that reality, things can truly move in miraculous directions.