I am fed up with credit card offers are you?  Really, I mean it just completely over the top, red in the face, fed up!!!


After receiving 5 more the other day, I hit the wall and was so disgusted I went to my computer and took action. Let me count the ways I am offended: wreaking havoc on the environment, encouraging people to continue to consume and placing them at further risk, rising gas prices, have they not heard about the credit and mortgage crisis and really….how many credit cards does one human being need?

I went on-line and did a bit of research and found this site. I have opted out!!! The opt-out address was listed on the website for the Governor of Michigan, so it’s valid. I tried the phone first, but that was a disaster as it is computerized and the computer could not spell my name correctly no matter how many times I yelled the letters into the phone. It’s much easier to do it on-line, it will take you 10 minutes.

If you are also fed up and sick of the wasted paper, trees and plastic…you too can OPT OUT!

One Response

  1. PS: For those of you who went to opt out. I read the privacy policy, YOU DO NOT have to add your social security number. I did not feel comfortable giving that (although I am sure the credit companies already have every last piece of my personal information). You decide what’s right for you