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44th President Barack Hussein Obama


for your courage,

your integrity,

your humanity,

your consciousness…


Change is here…hope and faith are renewed…we have made history…the world is watching…I am grateful to be alive to witness this moment!!!

We the People...can heal our nation.…each and every one of us!!! It is the dawning of a new consciousness, a new day, a truly DIVERSE AMERICA! Come together…Right Now!

Blue outside Obama headquarters for his first day of civil dogobedience on Saturday in Glenwood Springs, CO (Photo Credit: Karen Church)


Sheri, Blue, Karen Church and friend Mookie in downtown Glenwood Springs, Saturday (Photo Credit: John Kelly


Sheri and Blue Sunday morning
outside the Delaney Dog Park in Carbondale, Colorado (Photo Credit: Toni Grenko)

Sheri, Blue and Toni Grenko outside Obama Headquarters in Carbondale, Colorado, Sunday morning (Photo Credit: Judy Fox Perry)

Blue has sure earned an extra can of his prescription dog food this week!  Yes he has!

POST SCRIPT 11:53 AM: AND THE SNOW GODS SMILED ON COLORADO. I just went outside to walk Blue before heading to bed and the snow is falling for the first time at the lower altitude. There is snow on the ground on this glorious night. Good on ya Colorado…YES…YOU…DID!

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4 Responses

  1. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon today and so very proud of our country. I have not felt this way in a long time.
    Thank you for your heartfelt comment on my blog — it means so much!… and your comment made me think of a very important piece that I left out — that of intention. I just added it — thanks!

  2. This presidential election is concrete evidence that HOPE can triumph over fear.
    That’s a lesson you’ve been teaching me for years now…
    Y E S W E C A N ! !