Equine Facilitated Learning
& Psychotherapy

How it Works

Relationship-Centered. Solution Focused. Powerful Results. 

As an Advanced Eponaquest Instructor, transformational life coach and Licensed psychotherapist, I weave the alchemy of creativity with the wisdom and power of horses. As both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapist (EAP), my work differs from traditional Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), as you will benefit from the professional insights of a trained psychotherapist as well as an Equine Facilitated Learning instructor, deepening the power of this work to support your personal and professional transformation.

Through the power of horse wisdom and holistic practices such as body scanning, mindfulness, creative expression, equine facilitated coaching supports you in deepening your relationship with yourself and your emotions. The horse as muse and mentor supports you to uncover powerful metaphors for your life and relationships, deepening your connection to your authentic spirit.

Considering these metaphors will help you to gain insight into unconscious patterns and ways of relating. As awareness surfaces within the equine setting, the horses present opportunities for participants to work toward integration, personal growth, and healing. The Creative Awakenings Equus-heART workshops and programs offer unique opportunities for clients and organizations to experience this powerful and unique healing modality.

Who is This For

This work is appropriate for individuals or groups and anyone seeking to experience an increased connection to authentic ways of being and healthier relationships with others. Working with the horse as your guide and partner builds trust and confidence – confidence in yourself and in your connection to these wise and intuitive animal teachers. The sessions will support you in feeling positive about the possibilities in your life.

You will be guided to use the Creative Awakenings Equus-heART process to help you process the powerful language of the unconscious.

Coaching With The Herd Will Teach You To:

Coaching With The Herd
Will Teach You To:

“The horse sees beyond the masks we wear and support us in seeing the ways in which we keep ourselves small. These sentient and generous creatures show us the way to authenticity, coherence and the truth our potential without speaking a word.”

~ Sheri

Honoring the Ancestors

“I believe the horses came back into my life to carry me through the grief of my mother’s passing and what would ultimately be another 9-years of grief and loss of all kinds. I believe the Spirit reconnected me with my dear sister Susan Gibbs, knowing before I did, what was on the horizon. She came to offer me her herd and to ReConnect me with my long-buried love of these sentient creatures. I leased my first horse Annie Two Moons-Two Moms from Susan. Annie and the rest of Susan’s herd kept me from falling to pieces and offered me a place of respite and hope.

Susan was a tried and true Wyoming born and raised horsewoman. She was a natural horsewoman long before it was a “fad,” and she passed down her wisdom and love of horses to those of us who were lucky enough to be on her ranch and in her presence.

Our equine partnership was a tango, where no words were needed, and a simple glance was all it took to know the next step. Each time I facilitate an equine session, I honor her legacy and the many gifts she gave me by speaking her name.

Facilitating has not been the same, since losing my dear friend, the dance is now a solo, but I feel her presence and know she walks beside me as a guide and Angel.

Susan’s generous heart and beautiful smile touched hundreds of us. Her loss is profound, yet her legacy lives on.

Thank you Susan.”

Susan Gibbs

~ Susan Gibbs

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