Seeing into Soulcopyright

Horses are my healers. Since the time I first sat on a horse at age 3, I've had a deep spiritual connection with these amazing creatures. I haven't ridden in about 4 years. I've had plenty of invitations, but there always seems to be something keeping from taking up the generous offers.

Since my mother's been in hospice, they have been calling. I've been hearing them…but I haven't been listening. What I hear instead is, "Not enough time, not today, etc." All excuses I take responsibilty for… No time for self-care. But today…I listened. 

Last night I had a profound dream. It was very disturbing. My shadow side was calling and I woke up very agitated. After writing the dream out, I realized that my shadow was indeed calling me. Not to act out, but to act INtentionally and connect with my healthy wild spirit. In one part of the dream I was riding a horse and had a small toddler on my lap. I had no reins in my hands and felt calm and in complete control. The animal, child and I were one.

After writing my dream, I called a friend who I've recently reconnected with. "I could really use a horse snuggle today." Truthfully, I just wanted to go and rub my face in the winter fur. To breathe in their scent and to brush a tangled mane. She hadn't expected to go to the barn today, but a client cancelled and she was headed to  exercise a couple of horses, and invited me to join her. "Can this be happening today?", I wondered. Pure synchronicity? Truthfully is was my Higher Power in action. Healer…Heal thy-SELF.

And so I found myself surrounded by love, a full heard nuzzling me and breathing warm air into my ears..both of them at one time! This is BLISS…

When we came from the herd, with the two we would ride, I said to my friend, "This is the one place in my life, where I have no fear. I am calm, grounded, completely at peace." And then we ran…there is nothing to describe the feeling of being in tune with a creature who has its own heart, mind and spirit. To bond together in a dance of rhythm and harmony. To fly…

When I am with the horses…I am home.