There's nothing more wonderful than coming home after 2 weeks on the gypsy spirit trail. The IEATA conference was just incredible! I am re-energized and blown away by the powerful explosion of my field. I met some amazing people doing all kinds of work in arts and healing, from researchers who are quantifying data, expressive arts therapists and consultants, therapists looking to bring the creative process into their work and artists who are using their gifts to bring the power of creativity into other people's lives and MEN!!! FINALLY!!!. WOW! 


This is from a day spent with RAW a non-profit that supports "youth in the struggle," by giving them the power of creativity to change their lives.  We engaged in several experiential exercises and were ablt to meet some of the RAW chiefs, kids who have worked their way up in the program and are now mentoring and teaching other kids.

To my right is my new friend Fena who is now a member of the Salon. She is one amazing woman and I am so grateful I met her at the conference. In the background is one of the RAW staff. She was very insistent in sharing that she is "not a therapist, I am an artist who heals." I loved her ability to stand in the power of that truth. 


Weaving the silk together.

Laura and I took off one evening to visit and old friend of mine, Susan Rodgerson, director of 

Aritsts for Humanities.  Susan and I have not seen one another since 1994 when she had just started the program and I went to work with her and some of the kids. We've kept in touch over the years, so I knew that this was high on my list of Boston priorities. HOLY COW am I glad I went! I can't believe what Susan has created with this program. She is a dynamic, go-getter who does not have the word "no," anywhere in her vocabulary. I also got to reconnect with the students who were in the program way back then and who are now full grown adults and teachers for Artists for Humanities. I am determined to find those photos of them from 1994. Can you say AWESOME! They were getting ready to go to their first NY gift show with products the kids have created and we were able to see the display and the line of furniture. 

Here's Susan and Laura looking at a painting one of the kids sold for….$3000.00! YES I said $3000….


I posted the full IEATA album on my FB profile and will be posting it also on Flicker for those of you who aren't FB members.