Turnout Creative

I have had the pleasure of getting to know psychotherapist Courtenay Blackwell Gueta, owner of Turnout Creative and Turnout Counseling. We are kindred spirits, MSW’s who contest the nomenclature therapist.  Courtney calls herself a, “change agent,” and I have to say, I like that a lot! I was honored when she wrote to me to […]


©2008 Passages: www.sherigaynor.com I have been thinking this morning of passages. I am re-reading  Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell. In the first chapter, Myth and Dream he discusses the lost art of rites of passage and how important ritual can be in supporting our lives.  "When we turn now, with this image […]

Sweet Home

2008 Sheri Gaynor, Sketchbook drawing in flight from Ohio with digital finish Geese, rushing spring river, Snow covered mountains, digging in the soil, earthworms, dirt under my fingernails…. Isn’t it good to be home again…

All my bags are packed

Photo of me age 3. practicing my curtsy for just this moment…Complete with skinned knee! I am ready to go! As I fly off into the sunset, otherwise known as the big girl panty demo photoshoot, I thought I would share with you a little bit about my week. Monday-Wake at dawn heart racing wondering […]

Hot Flash: What number are you?

© 2008 Sheri Gaynor Visual Journal piece: Metamorphosis Metamorphosis + True confessions: I found this quiz over at   BaLadiNe’s blog. I have to say it is a bit eerie and right on. I am in fact a loyalist and I do like stability and security (although I have learned this is not in my […]