Spirit Driven

In my work with addicts we talk about “turning it over to our higher power.” It’s a pretty simple mantra, but a much more difficult practice for most of us. […]

The Box of Sorrow

With the death toll mounting -click the link to read an article and see a haunting video about the Valley Fire-and the animals still being found alive amidst the rubble, I have moments […]

Turnout Creative

I have had the pleasure of getting to know psychotherapist Courtenay Blackwell Gueta, owner of Turnout Creative and Turnout Counseling. We are kindred spirits, MSW’s who contest the nomenclature therapist. […]

Today’s Awakening:

Last night I danced with Venus and Artemis with Rhiannon and Aphrodite under the waning Gibbous moon.  The sky is red this morning. Smoke fills the air as I write. Please […]