Snow Bliss copy

We woke this morning to over a foot of fresh powder! The Delegates were correct in leaving early, and we are holding the intention in our hearts that they can travel back to their villages, towns and countries, with no flight penalties. 

Yesterday was DreamTime Monday.  It seemed appropriate to be creating my December Art of Intention after such a sacred weekend. As I woke this morning, new images were in my mind for the painting I began this morning. Often, I have to live with the images that present themselves to sort through them and see which feel the most significant to the moment. Sometimes the images are fleeting and I see this as a way of release. The ones that continue to show themselves, are the ones I move toward and "listen," to. 

As I continue to work on my painting-this one was too big for my DreamTime Journal-I know this month's Art of Intention is about Integrity. Yes, I put the capital there purposefully. 

I hope you will join me this month as we continue our December EveryDay Bliss Challenge and join us for EnVision Art of Intention.  Feel free to send me your Art of Intention and I will share it on my FB page to inspire others to join in the Creative AWAKENINGS adventure.  

Will you create a December intention?


3 Responses

  1. My December Art of Intention is in the works. Will email when it is done. Must quiet my mind to find the rest of this soul-paint session. 🙂