As you know I am a BIG proponent of making a mess and  letting it flow. 

This weekend I decided I want to get more comfy with figures. Because of my weird spatial dyslexia, when I draw "realistically" everything is backward. I really have to SLOW DOWN and SEE the lines. 

This activity actually takes quite a bit of effort on my part and it can be exhausting, but it's also fun to challenge myself to stay out of the CRITIC. 


You know, "Geez, that sucks!" "A third grader draws better than that!" Etc…ad nauseum. 

I pulled out a figure drawing book I found in my grandmother's closet after she passed. It's been here a long time, but I've never sat down with the conscious intention to use it. I did yesterday. 


It was a blast as it was like having an aspect of her guiding spirit right here in the room with me. BTW…I worked on the floor of my home office! 

I invited the gremlins to sit in the corner…what helped? 

I told them I was doing figure drawing…