IMG_5317Photo: Clockwise L-R Laura, Sheri, Kat, Flash, Toni, Judy, Heather, Julie (not pictured Randall but I couldn't do it without her!)

It's DreamTIme Monday everyone! Here is a personal story of long held intentions that have started to bear fruit….

Yesterday we had another glorious Sunday Soul Session. The day was filled with paint, passion, movement, journaling, connection and sharing. 

I was blessed to reconnect with Julie a friend who I have not seen in 20 years who attended the Sunday Soul Session. Her sister Carrie was my best friend growing up and we too have reconnected over the last few years, which has brought me so much joy. These women were the "sisters I never had," and their family became a home away from home during the most treasured years of my early life. 

We had a few out of town visitors! Laura invited her wonderful friend Heather, who came from Denver to paint with us, and BIG SURPRISE, Julie came all the way from New York! Julie called and said, "I hear the calling and I need to listen…I have a fantasy of coming to Colorado for Labor Day weekend and I am creating an intention to make it work." Julie answered the call-which I think was actually a HOWL-FIRST for herself, and then corralled her friend Judy from Phoenix to fly in and meet her! WoW ladies…THANK YOU! I am SO grateful you joined us, your energy was contagious. 

IMG_5307Photo: Randall's piece not shown in group photo

Today I had the realization that during our class yesterday, some new seeds were planted for what's to come and some old seeds have borne fruit!! I tell you gals…The Art of Intention really works  and what's important is that it doesn't always happen when WE THINK it should…it happens when the TIMING IS RIGHT! 

Will you join me in creating your EnVIsion Art of Intention for the month of September? If you are ready to answer the call, click below, leave a comment and let us know what your stated intention will be. The more people we have holding that intention, the more charged those intentions become! That's why I call it DREAM SPIRIT! 

If you would like to learn more about DreamTime Monday's, you can read about it in my book or join the discussion in the Creative Awakenings Salon. 

Happy DreamTime!

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  1. i love the way this post is overflowing with creativity and happiness and joy 🙂
    my intention for september: to sell more paper doll art prints, to finish creating my “i move bravely forward creativity toolkit” and to start a new secret project called “delicious creative energy”.