It's been an interesting weekend. Some personal transformation is stirring in my pot and although it's BIG STUFF, my Everyday Bliss practice has kept me grounded and attuned to the beauty around me. The weather has been dreary, bringing much needed cool air, rain and low clouds. It feels mor like fall instead of spring. 

I had the opportunity to take several hikes during this long weekend. One in search of wildflowers and one in search of self. My first hike was with my Colorado "mom," Nancy who is 75.5 and had double knee replacement last summer. She is the FEISTY-est woman I know and I aspire to be just like her as I move into the 2nd half of my life season. Along with my husband Andy, Nancy has taught me so much about being a mountain mama, so it seemed fitting we would take a spring hike to find the wildflowers. 

I had been up the wildflower hike Nancy had read about in the paper, and warned her it was a steep climb up, but Nancy was up for the challenge-as always-and we agreed we would take our time and stop whenever we were ready for a break. We saw our first Western Tanagers of the season, their colors vibrant against the multitude of spring greens. 

It was an incredible experience to see Nancy hiking PAIN FREE with a huge smile on her face taking her first hike of the season…with many more adventures to come. 

Nancy hits the trail!


Blue finds some Paintbrush

Heading to the meadow

On the way home

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