Surges of energy swirl through my body, indicating that something is ready to release. Most days my life is filled with those dreaded lists and of other things in need […]

Excerpt: Black Madonna with Horse

© 2011 Sheri Gaynor, The Black Madonna with Horse The Dark Feminine…It is said she comes to those who travel between worlds and dimesions. She often arrives in support of […]

She Rises-Weekend Bliss….

As I get older, I find that truly profound experiences leave me literally speechless. Words cannot express the feelings and emotions.  This was my experience today, as I tried to […]

Sunday Soul Session and DreamTime Monday!

Photo: Clockwise L-R Laura, Sheri, Kat, Flash, Toni, Judy, Heather, Julie (not pictured Randall but I couldn't do it without her!) It's DreamTIme Monday everyone! Here is a personal story […]

Shifting Tides

Earth rumbling beneath my feet,  shifting tides reveal tiny grains of sand