Surges of energy swirl through my body, indicating that something is ready to release. Most days my life is filled with those dreaded lists and of other things in need of my attention. Still the simmering continues, it’s visceral. The beauty of the style of intuitive painting I teach is that you can take to […]

Excerpt: Black Madonna with Horse

© 2011 Sheri Gaynor, The Black Madonna with Horse The Dark Feminine…It is said she comes to those who travel between worlds and dimesions. She often arrives in support of ritual, initiation, and transformations, helping us to embody and see within the "other" world. She often comes to bring light to that which is out […]

She Rises-Weekend Bliss….

As I get older, I find that truly profound experiences leave me literally speechless. Words cannot express the feelings and emotions.  This was my experience today, as I tried to understand the experiences of this past weekend attending the XI Encuentro Indigena de las Americas-XI Native Gathering of the Americas. I have incredible gratitude to the […]

Sunday Soul Session and DreamTime Monday!

Photo: Clockwise L-R Laura, Sheri, Kat, Flash, Toni, Judy, Heather, Julie (not pictured Randall but I couldn't do it without her!) It's DreamTIme Monday everyone! Here is a personal story of long held intentions that have started to bear fruit…. Yesterday we had another glorious Sunday Soul Session. The day was filled with paint, passion, […]

Shifting Tides

Earth rumbling beneath my feet,  shifting tides reveal tiny grains of sand